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2017 Session Grid

September 10 -13 - Boyne Highlands - Harbor Springs, Michigan
Session Topic Descriptions
Time Description General Session
Breakout Room
Breakout Room
Noon-4 Vendor Setup      
5-7 Conference Registration      
7-9 Welcome Reception Green Room
8-9 Breakfast      
8-4:30 Registration      
9-9:30 President Intro & Vendor Introductions Green Room  
9:30 - 10:45 Keynote Address Green Room   The Technology Web - Bridging the Widening Gap
10:45 - 11:15 Platinum 1 Green Room  Cyber Threats:  Prevent, Detect and Respond
11:15 - Noon Break / Vendor Visits Blue Room  
12-1 Lunch Green Room 
12:30-1 Platinum 2 Green Room  CJIS - Determining Compliance
1-1:15 Break / Vendor Visits Blue Room     
1:15-2 Sessions   Next Generation 911 - Our Status in Michigan
 First Net & Michigan's Public Safety Broadband Program
2-2:15 Break / Vendor Visits Blue Room
2:15-3:15 Session   Embrace the Suck
3:15-3:30 Break / Vendor Visits Blue Room
3:30-5:15 Birds of a Feather Tailgate Room
5:15 No Formal Activities (on your own)
8-4 Registration    
8-9 Breakfast Green Room
9-10 Session Tailgate Room CyberSecurity - Everything You Should Be Doing... But Aren't
10-11 Break / Vendor Visits Green Room 
11-11:45  Session Tailgate Room Michigan CISO as a Service for Local Government
11:45-12:45 Lunch Green Room 
12:15-12:45 Platinum 3 Green Room   Hyper-Convergence and the On-Ramp to the Cloud
12:45-1 Vendor Visits Blue Room     
1-1:45  Sessions   Judicial Information Services Update It's Not the Size of Your Data,
It's How You Use It
1:45-2  Break / Vendor Visits Blue Room 
2-2:45  Sessions   Vendors, You Can't Live With Them,
You Can't Live Without Them
Customer First Focused - Addressing the Why
2:45-3  Break / Vendor Visits Blue Room 
3-4 Sessions   Michigan Cyber Civilian Corps (MiC3) - History, Overview and Vision Funding IT in an Age of Resource Scarcity - the County Administrator Perspective
4-4:15 Break / Vendor Visits  Blue Room 
4:15-5 Sessions   Reducing Technical Risk for Maximum Impact  Vision for the Future - Project Management at the State of Michigan
5:15-6:45 Dinner & Vendor Drawings Green Room 
7-9 Networking Event Zoo Bar & Camelot
8-11 Registration    
8-9 Breakfast Green Room 
9-9:30 Platinum 4 Green Room 
Laying the Foundation for Enterprise Cloud, Building Blocks to Success
9:30-10:30 Keynote Green Room Introduction to DTMB Leadership and State of Michigan Updates
10:30-10:45  Break / Vendor Visits Blue Room
10:45-11:30  Sessions Camelot
MI Log In
11:30-Noon General Meeting & Prizes Camelot 
NOON Lunch Camelot 

Networking - Peer-to-Peer Problem Solving
Educational Sessions
Vendor Opportunities
*Schedule subject to change due to speaker availability and logistics.